Doshy live set, full of unreleased goodness

packed with forthcoming tunes

I fucking love Doshy. His brand of abrasive, evil, robotic beats aren’t for everyone, but for me they hit that sweet spot between bitcrushed chiptune nostalgia and menacing trap shit. Kinda like a 909 that transforms into a decepticon. As the title says, this one is packed full of unreleased, exclusive Doshy tunes (some not yet even named), thoughtfully annotated in the timed comments. Probably not safe to consume at work, around infants, or while operating heavy machinery (unless it’s an evil giant robot).

Bigups to Redlight Radio for goin hard in the soundcloud, hosting this and 120 more pages of full sets (including a great sesh with Rwina Records a few weeks back).

What’s that, you say? Just can’t get enough Doshy? I can hardly blame ya. Good thing there’s another recent live set, this one a full hour, over here. His mix is the second hour of the recording. And while there are a few repeat tracks, they all kick ass so it’s well worth it.

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