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Iamyank – Cold Summer EP

Hungarian bass music producer Iamyank released his 4 track Cold Summer EP last week, and today he put the whole thing up on youtube in 720. While it’s less dancefloor-oriented than other stuff heard from him, it’s an incredibly well crafted bass music, touching on idm, folktronica and future bass. Both of the vocal pieces on

iamyank goes beatsurfing

I’m kinda blown away by this live performance by iamyank (via amb). He’s using the forthcoming ipad app, Beatsurfing, which is unique in that it’s designed to let you draw your own midi instruments. iamyank posted the audio from this a few weeks back on soundcloud, and it sounded great, but seeing it happen in front of yr eyes is a whole ‘nother thing.

Lest you think it’s all tricknology (the ipad app he’s using can trigger 8 sounds from one hit), keep in mind that the whole idea behind beatsurfing is that you lay out your own interface, so that you can naturally trigger sounds with a series of smooth motions (aka ‘surfing’). Anyway, to appease the purists, here’s a vid of him rockin out on a traditional mpc.

MartyParty BwompBeats Mixtape vol 11

Mix Roundup – iamyank, Bassnectar, MartyParty, Sully

LOTS of quality mixes dropped this week – let’s get into the jammzzz: Budapest’s iamyank dropped the third in his mix series, Bassclectic. The first two parts were instant classics – full of gritty, stompy, tasty glitch-hop. This one is another fine example of his excellent selection and mixing skills – plenty of super womped-out

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