EXPLORATIONS: Aions, Bell Curve, Kellen303

Warm Up: Daphni, John Maus, Delia Gonzalez, Moor Mother, Geng, DJ Haram

WILDLIFE! ‘Anima’ Sound Installation with Nitemind, open bar

THE LOT RADIO 1 YEAR: Sporting Lift (live), Miho Hatori (live), True Panther, Falty DL b2b Jubilee, Tygapaw, Space Jam b2b Kroba, Loveless, X-Coast, Alex from Queens, Clay Wilson & Certain Creatures, Octa Octa, Kellam Matthews, many more

EXPLORATIONS with Aions (3 hour set)

Extended Sessions: Jacob 2-2, SadoSan, Circe

DWMS13 Safe Horizon Benefit: Dis Fig (BLN), Dreamcrusher (live), Sharp Veins (live ambient set), VHVL (live), Soda Plains, Stud1nt

FANTASTIC PLANET: Screening with live electronic score by Lars Warn

Mysteries of the Deep & Creative Chemistry NYE at the End of the Universe: David Hykes Harmonic Presence, Certain Creatures, Birds of Prey, Abby Echiverri, Radere, Borne (all live), Patrick Russell (Ambient Set), Clay Wilson, Ken Meier, Nihal Ramchandani, Matthew Patterson Curry, JD Harrington, Reinforced Sound

NO MORE ROAD TRIPS? with Live score by Sullen Prospector

DUMMY presents GODMODE: Yaeji (live), Soft Lit (live), Malory (live), Gioia (live), Bari (live), Smash Brothers

FHLOSTON PARADISE: Santa Muerte, Kala, Night Doll, QUEST?ONMARC, Gooddroid b2b Qossip Qurl, Katie Rex, Images, Peal, more tba at Trans Pecos [10PM/$10]

DRUM N SPACE: Skuga, Magenta DJ, Tekkenkonkreet, Bricks at Trans-Pecos [11-4 / $5]

Wildlife! Patterns EP Sound Installation with Nightmind & Jesse Hlebo at 260 Johnson Ave [7-10PM/FREE]

Fantastic Planet screening with live score by Lars Warn

Mood Tattooed, Dali Vision, Kallie Lampel, Kinglog, AceMo at Palisades [8PM/$5]

Mysteries of the Deep III: Jonas Reinhardt, Certain Creatures, Birds of Prey, Matthew Curry & Abby Echiverri, Patrick Russell, Nihal Ramchandani at 315 Ten Eyck [10PM-7AM/$20]

Triangle Records 5th Anni: Haxan Cloak, Evian Christ, Holy Other, Forest Swords, Vessel, mssingno, Lotic, Rabit, Hanz at 23 Wall Street [10PM/$20-30]

IN REAL LIFE: Logan Takahashi, Surfing (Live), Aquarian, Heathered Pearls at Output Stilton House [10PM/FREE

Eskmo (Ninjatune / Apollo / LA) Album Release Party, Christopher Willits, Heathered Pearls at Baby’s All Right [12AM/$12-15]

DEEP SPACE: King Britt (Hyperdub / PHL), Francois K at Cielo [10PM/FREEwFlyer]

Insect Presents: Donor (live PA), Alstadt Echo (live PA), Paul Trafford, Princevali (Live PA), Stephan Kimbel, Excalibur, a​Picturesque​Venus​Transit, Tsunami Bass Sound at venue tba [10PM/$15-20]

#$ (Space Jesus & GDP), Weekend Money, M!NT, Esseks at Webster Studio [11PM/$12]

Royksopp (DJ Set), Justin Miller at Output [10PM/$15-30]

Oneohtrix Point Never, Matmos, Dutch E Germ at Music Hall of Williamsburg [8PM/$23-30]

The Bunker 002/003 Release Party: Voices from the Lake (extended live set), Clay Wilson, Bryan Kasenic at Output, Portable, Mike Servito and Wrecked in the Panther Room [10PM-5AM/$20-25]

Tosca Live ft. Cath Coffey & Robert Gallagher at Le Poisson Rouge [8PM/$25-30]

Sunday Water: Jay Hill, Peter Jay, De Rigueur, Myroslaw Bytz at Fat Buddha [7-11PM/FREE]

BEMF: Actress at Music Hall of Williamsburg [9PM/$25]

Software x S.U.S. Records: Clay Wilson, Cambo, Homeward at The Ace Hotel [8PM/FREE]

Blue Sky Black Death, Sister Crayon, The Range at Cameo Gallery [12AM/$12-15]

GHOSTLY Unofficial CMJ: Com Truise, Joel Ford, Lord Raja, Heathered Pearls, Patrick Russell, Nitemoves, Contakt at Output [10PM/$10]

Oneohtrix Point Never (Album Release) at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral [8PM/$20-22]

NICE RENDER: Taste Tester, Hydrabad, No Eyes, The Orator, Kuato, Knomad at Actor’s Playhouse [11PM/$5-10]

MUTUAL DREAMING: Beautiful Swimmers, Blondes (live!), Terekke (live!), Jay Simon at 285 Kent [10PM/$10-15]

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